Invest only € 6.00 and earn almost € 20,000.00 through Paypal

Making money with PayPal.
It's simple and fast money.
I was skeptical and have read 100 of these similar messages.
I also thought this was all bull ****.
Until I thought for those 6 pathetic euros/dollars trap me no hump and I'll probably all my debts. Nothing ventured nothing gained, so I tried it and it works. If you earn as much as is said, knows that I "still" no, I'm only doing one week and have now € 200, - on my Paypal account (which is already 33 times my investment). It's really worth trying.

Earn from € 5.000, - and € 10.000, - in just 4-7 weeks with a minimum investment of € 6.00 by using your very simple and secure Internet account from PayPal . (Paypal is a simple and safe way to control your payments via the internet). You can create a free account at:

This is not extortion!
It's not indecent!
It's not illegal!
It really works!

If the instructions are followed, you will receive excessive income. This program remains successful because of the honesty and integrity of the participants. Keep this success achieved by carefully following the instructions.

This is not advertising for Paypal. Paypal is just a way to securely make your payments via the Internet, with your account and your password (as with the bank).

If you elect to participate and all instructions are followed properly, you will see that the money flows to your PayPal account and you need it in a hurry to do anything. All you have to do is create a Paypal account (if you might have not), get each person on the list € 1,00 about, number one on the list and put yourself at number 6 and then the letter / mailing to send as many people (eg. post on a forum, e-mail, mailbox, on your Facebook page set up or put on your website).

It cost me only 10 minutes to sign into PayPal and € 6,00 to invest and I have been back € 200.00 for now.

Sign up now and begin earning money through your Paypal account.

Curious that I was, I did it anyway and followed all the steps.

I thought the Lotto, lottery or Postcode cost me more money, I'm not lost more than € 6.00, which are only two drinks at the bar, right ??????

What I really was crucial to try it, the success stories of a few previous participants. This can be read at the bottom of this letter.

Read the entire message carefully!
If you print out you have the information at hand.
Follow the instructions and watch the money starts to flow.
It's very simple. It's legal. Anyone can do it.
Your investment is only € 6.00 and further costs you nothing.

This is your chance, start earning money today.
Calculation example:

(I do it just with 5 entries, this is a low number but the charges easily).

Place 6
You get five entries: € 5.00 in your account.
5 people you are now in 5th place.

Place 5
These five people also get five entries: 5 x € 5.00 = € 25.00 in your account.
25 people have you now stand on 4th place.

Place 4
These 25 people also get 5 entries: 25 x € 5.00 = € 125.00 in your account.
125 people have you now on the 3rd place.

Place 3
These 125 people also get 5 entries: 125 x € 5.00 = € 625.00 in your account.
625 people have you now on the 2nd place.

Place 2
These 625 people also get 5 entries: 625 x € 5.00 = € 3125.00 in your account.
3,125 people have you stand on the 1st place.

Place 1
These 3,125 people also get five entries: 3125 x € 5.00 = € 15625.00 at your account.

That's a total of € 5.00 + € 25.00 + € 125.00 + € 625.00 + € 3125.00 + € 15625.00 = € 19530.00.

This is only for five entries each time. Just imagine if you get 20 entries, and those 10 and 15 again etc. etc., what you will earn.

So grab this opportunity now wait no longer and start making money today.

Remember that every day millions of people go online and read messages. Just as you now do.

These are the 4 easy steps to your success.

Step 1:
Create a Paypal account on or login if you already have a Paypal account. Please note that when you create your PayPal account, you use the same email address as the one you put in the list below so people can transfer the money to your account.

Step two:
If you do this, make the six email addresses listed below € 1.00 on the list (you must first write from your own bank account or credit card to your PayPal account).

These are the email addresses where you € 1.00 to about makes you via Paypal account.


Put in Subject:
1,00 euro for you (so others know where it is).

Step 3:
Now send to six e-mail addresses the message:

Subject: 1.00 euros for you.
Message: I joined the club.

Remove now number one (in this case is that of the above list and move the rest to the top (2, 1, 3, 2, 4, 3, 5, 4 and 6, 5) and put your own email address in position 6 on the list.

The list will look like this look like.

6. your own email address

Note: Make sure you do not write error in your email address and check that you made no mistake in the numbering and you no one forgets.

Step 4:
Change this message so that you can use it again to send, but leave it as much as possible.
Send the article to as many friends, acquaintances and forums etc. and remember, the more people you reach, the more revenue! (Obviously, not spam).

How do I post to as many people as possible?
Step 1
Copy this entire letter into Notepad or Word and save it. So you can always copy and paste text in e-mail and forums.

Step 2
Take the first email in the letter, and place yours on bottom.
Save it.

Step 3
Use Netscape, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, and try forums, newsgroups, bulletin boards, discussion groups to find chat sites and online communist. Surf for example and search for "forum earn money." Then all links and try throughout this post to post (within the rules of the various services). Please note that spamming is punishable (anyway severely irritating). Or open Outlook Express and log on to the news server of your provider and upload this message to as many newsgroups. Take the subject of this post is always the head. Bear in mind that the world still several thousand users daily relax on the Internet to read these articles.

Like you do now! So you dare to use € 6.00 to see if it works? You will have no regrets.

Remember the following:
Play fair, it will surely work.
Do exactly as described, and it really works.
Long as everyone continues to send messages and your every email sends € 1.00 with PayPal.

I wish you a lot of succes!

Success stories:

Cheddar wrote:
In the third week I had over € 10,000.00 and it is still more. Some send it in dollars, others in euro. I've started four weeks ago and I have already more than € 42.000,00 and there are more to come. It really works!

Diana wrote:
I did not think this could work, but yes, I used Paypal to sell on eBay, so I tried it but just.
So began to send six emails from € 1.00 and then copied the page and put myself in sixth place.
I emailed the text to my friends and the people who bought from me on eBay.
This is so amazingly fast!
After one week I had more than € 400.00 in my account and in the second week it was more than € 2,200.00
There is still fantastic fast money in and I have therefore almost € 10,000.00 in my account!
I do not have success, but thought why not try it for that € 6.00. I'll see what it brings.

Good luck if you're playing. Otherwise thank you for reading!